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Little Known Facts About Margolis & Bloom Staff

1. Graduated from high school a year early.

A. Patricia C. C’Agostino, Associate

2. Huge Star Trek Fan. The original and next generation series as well as the movies (the most recent 2009 movie is a must-see). I wouldn’t say that I have "Trekkie" status, but close!

B. Harry S. Margolis, Managing Partner

3. Exercise can be a tedious activity, but it is necessary. A fun way for me to exercise is to do weight training.

C. Anastasia Prendergast, Associate

4. Had the opportunity to meet Madeleine Albright at an event, where she also signed a book for me.

D. Christina Vidoli, Associate

5. Spent years training to become an Olympic-level equestrian.

E. Eugenia Andrade, Senior Paralegal

6. A certified scuba diver since age 12.

F. Julia R. Curletti, Paralegal

7. Raised money for Pet Masks at the Quincy Fire Department even though doesn’t care for animals and usually ends up killing goldfish.

G. Elizabeth Ganzler, Law Clerk

8. Joe Perry of Aerosmith served ice cream to this person many times when he worked at the Anchorage corner store at Lake Sunapee the summer Aerosmith was formed.

H. Addison Camp, Law Clerk

9. Currently has five generations alive in family.

I. Magdalena Lorenzo, Administrative Assistant

10. Went to get nails done and asked if they could wax my eyebrows. The woman offered to wax my mustache as well. Not thinking it was noticeable, I laughed so hard I couldn’t respond, as did my husband when I told him. The woman said to let her know when I no longer liked my mustache.

J. Susan M. Traganos, Administrative Assistant

11. Grandmother’s great, great uncle, Edmund Rice, was named a saint.

K. Judith N. Carnes, Receptionist

12. Brews beer.

L. Milna I. Johnson, Receptionist

13. Aspired to be a dolphin trainer.

M. Marie Crawford, File Clerk

14. Made first solo singing debut as Duffy in Annie in 7th grade before audience of 200 people. Now takes solo performances to a whole new level when driving.

N. Ellen Chambers, Special Education

15. Rides a motorcycle.

O. Jeffrey A. Bloom, Partner

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